Last week I build a new machine for SharePoint development. Actually we use Virtual PC 2007, and because it’s a new machine, I installed Windows Server 2008 as my operating system. After the installation I activated the roles, needed for SharePoint, installed SQL Server and SharePoint Services, and then Office 2007, SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio 2008.

Everything was fine after my installation. I created a new web application in the SharePoint Central Administration, created a new SharePoint site, and I felt good.

After a few days I tried to save a document from Word 2007 to one of the SharePoint libraries. But, what’s that. I got an error message "Path not found.". Accessing the same library via Internet Explorer works fine, uploading files to the library via the web interface was working, too.

After some investigation (and asking my good friend Google), I found out, that in Windows Server 2008 the feature "Desktop Experience" is needed, when you try to write to a web site from office (or other applications).