In this second part of a series about the site templates we can use in the several SharePoint editions, we will have a look into Search Server 2010 an his little brother Search Server 2010 Express. Here at first a quick overview about the parts about the site templates:

Part 1: SharePoint Foundation

Part 2: Search Server 2010 & Search Server 2010 Express

Part 3: SharePoint Server 2010 Standard

Part 4: SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise

Part 5: Overview

Search Server 2010 is the first enhancement of the SharePoint technology. From a functional perspective, we have the SharePoint Foundation plus the search functionality of SharePoint Server 2010. When creating new site collections or sites, we see a new group “Enterprise”. The content of the groups “Collaboration” and “Meetings” is the same as in SharePoint Foundation 2010.

Regardless of the version of Search Server 2010 (Express or the normal one), you can select just one template from the Enterprise group.

Enterprise – Basic Search Center

The start page looks like this:

In this template, the following lists and libraries are created for the user:


As you can see, the list of new site templates in Search Server comparing to SharePoint Foundation is very short. Just see just one new site template, but a very important one in every SharePoint site. When you use this site template for a subsite in your site collection, you may see that there is no top navigation bar. This is, because the pages use the minimal.master, which hides this navigation element.

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