When we want the workflow to wait until a specific date, before a user task is created, this could be done with the Start Rule of an activity. To show that this date could be dynamic, we use a data field in this example. We have already created and configured a SharePointEvent (select from the Event Wizards the “SharePoint Workflow Integration Client).

To configure the Start Rule, we open the properties of the activity that holds our SharePointEvent.

In the activity properties select the section with the Start Rule. It’s the third in the pane on the left.

The default for the Start Rule is “Start immediately”. Change the radio button selection to “Start”. Now you can enter values for days/hours/minutes/seconds, if you want to specify the amount of time, the workflow should wait, or you can set a date, when this activity should start. That’s what we do in our case. We drop our data field into the Date field.

Now, in our workflow, when this activity should run, the workflow will wait until the specified date.