This short howto should show, how we could configure a manual started workflow in K2 blackpoint to let the user enter additional information during the start of the workflow.

We create a new blank process in K2 Studio.

Add a new data field to the process by right clicking the process name in the Data Fields of the Process/Activity Data in the Object Browser.

From Process Wizards add SharePoint Workflow Integration.

Check the “Run this wizard in Advanced Mode” checkbox and click “Next”.

Select “Advanced Form” in the Form Layout.

No special configuration needed on this page of the wizard.

This page is visible, because we selected “Advanced Mode” on the first page of the wizard. Here we select the checkbox to “Allow this workflow to be manually started…”.

Add a new Data Field to the Start Page.

We select the data field we have created, when we started to implement this process.

No further advanced settings.

Additionally, our workflow needs at least one event, so it can be started. When we deploy our workflow and start it for a document, we see our input field in the start form.

So we have an option to let the user enter data, when a workflow is started. This data could be used in the events of the workflow.

The same technique could be used in a SharePoint Workflow Integration Client event, to let the task user enter additional information during the completion of the task.