In a previous post I provided a step-by-step example on how to configure fly out menus for the quick launch. When we have the publishing features installed in the site collection and in the site, we have to make the modification in another file, than the masterpage file.

When the publishing feature is activated in a site, we see just a Navigation link in the Look and Feel section of the site settings. Without this feature, we have the links “Quick launch” and “Top link bar” to configure the navigation.

Without publishing feature activated

With publishing feature activated

To have the same result with the publishing feature activated, first do the same steps to get the actual masterpage file, but DO NOT make any modifications to this file. We only do these steps to get the filename.

Having the name of the masterpage file, we look in the masterpage gallery for a file with the same name, but the extension “html” and open this file.

When the file information is visible for the file, select “Editor” from the possible options in the breadcrumb.

Find the control that is used for the quick launch menu (search for ‘id=”V4QuickLaunchMenu”‘)

Change the values for the attributes “StaticDisplayLevels” and “MaximumDynamicDisplayLevels” to “1” and save the file. When the file is saved, it will automatically be converted to a masterpage file.

Open the homepage for your site and you will see just the headings in the quick launch with an arrow to open the menu items.