When you have created a PowerApps App for a list in SharePoint Online and you need to move this app to another tenant (I often create these apps in demo tenants), then you can use the following steps to move your app to another tenant.

Extract the app and the list from the current tenant:

  1. Save your app in the PowerApps Studio as a file to your hard disk
  2. Save your list in SharePoint Online as a list template
  3. Download the saved list template to your hard disk

Add the list and the app to the new tenant:

  1. Upload the list template to the site collection where the list should be created
  2. Create the list in the desired site by using the list template. Use the same name for the list as in the source
  3. Open the PowerApps file in the PowerApps Studio (you should be logged in with a user for the new tenant)
  4. Remove the data source in the app
  5. Add a data source to the app, pointing to the list you created in the previous steps in SharePoint Online
  6. Save the app to the cloud

That’s it. Your app should now be operational in the new tenant. Depending on your app it might be necessary to set the permissions in the SharePoint list and to share the PowerApps app, so it could be used by other users in the tenant.