When we create a survey in SharePoint, an overview will be created with several information.

Under some circumstances it might be necessary, to hide the line with the Number of Responses. Because this is a simple html-table that shows the information, a Script Editor webpart and some jQuery could be used to solve this problem.

First, we need jQuery in our site. To make jQuery available, we can use PowerShell PnP, connect to our site and execute the following cmdlet:

Next, we open the overview page of the survey and switch into edit mode for the page (click the gear icon top right and select Edit Page). When in edit mode, insert a Script Editor webpart on the page (we find it in the category Media and Content). When the webpart is added, click Edit Snippet in the webpart and enter the following snippet:

Click Insert and stop editing on the page.

That’s all, the line with the Number of Responses has gone.